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Paul and Centano, Canada

"I bought a very sensitive Andalusian who developed a dangerous bolting habit.  My search for answers included attending numerous clinics from different trainers and buying a lot of DVD's. They all had one thing in common - variations of pressure and release.

Karen's methods which are inspired by Bill Dorrance's methods operate under a completely different paradigm that no one else coaches.

The feel I learned to project is of key importance to my horse. The float I keep in my rope is effective and my horse loves it.  The timing and type of maneuvers used are completely unique and natural to how horses move. 

Also, pressure is not used so my horse doesn't anticipate the next phase of pressure with fear. 

In short my horse has stopped bolting and is tuning into my intentions more and more. 

Most trainers know horses can only learn when they are calm; Karen's principles deliver calmness and connection."

Paul Wiedemann and Centano