Reaching a Little Deeper.

Applying Our Own Feel in Practice

The Feel Between You Defines the Partnership

There is SO much more to enjoy in our horses when we stop trying to be a better "boss" leader - especially when that does not come naturally - and bring more of ourselves into being the kind of leader our horse enjoys.  It feels different when our horses follow our lead because there is meaning for him/her within a good Connection Flow, not because things will get uncomfortable if they don't. In the end, it is the feel of the connection between you that defines the partnership, because it reflects the moments that have added up to the horse's expectation of us.

So why not get really good at inviting, initiating, maintaining and restoring connection, even in more challenging situations? When the connection is good, everything else is easier - and safer.

We get to know our horses so much better (and ourselves in the process), as we explore three inter-connected areas.


  1. The inner Feel we offer reflects a deeper mindfulness, awareness, observation and receptiveness to the horse's point of view. This shift happens to match exactly what the horse tends to be seeking, especially when he's troubled for whatever reason - so it has more meaning and value.

  2. We carry that Inner Feel through us and the equipment in a connection that then carries through the horse's mind to the feet, instead of at the horse's body.

  3. We get in Flow with his timing and guide him from right there in that moment, instead of correcting what just happened (focusing in the past) or "holding" for the horse to adjust to us (or focusing on waiting for a future response) and missing the horse's timing in the now.

Each area activates an important shift in strategy through detailed step-by-step practices. Together they guide the process of initiating and maintaining a close communication in Flow with your horse.

Remember it’s the little things that work together to produce big changes in your partnership. Worry not! The what, why and how are defined in detail. And because everything is connected, when you refine your skill in one detail in one area, it benefits the whole. Perfection is not required!

When these small changes in mindset, focus and technique are practiced “well enough, enough of the time and for long enough” (as my students often hear me say) your horse’s view of you and the partnership naturally shifts into a new zone.

So you can snuggle down and enjoy the ride at your own pace, knowing where you are in the process and what to do next!