Get Good at Two-Way Feel

Feel is the Direct Line to Your Horse

It's not the Little Things... it's the BIG Things IN the Little Things

As a dear student Bid Webb reflected in a daze about her changed partnership so aptly put it, “It’s not the little things, it’s the BIG things IN the little things.” 


We were chatting at the end of our deep-dive clinic into the questions that are on the minds of many a horse-lover:

“How do I reach that part of my horse
he seems to guard from me or hold inside?
Why does he do that?”

“How can I better communicate
without relying on escalating pressure
to get what I really want?”

“Why does my horse not truly trust me?”

“Can I have and be a true partner
and also… um… STILL be the one in control?”

Adjusting even one seemingly small particle of feel can make a huge difference for your horse – with one key detail: the change must inspire a meaningful shift in the horse.

Right. With the wisdom to know the difference. This can be the deeper, less obvious part!


That’s where we bring guidance to refine your connection in ways that matter to your horse. It’s a bit like being handed a finer set of brushes so you can express what you’d like with more precision, and shift away from the reliance on escalating pressure for results.

Instead, develop connection that touches your horse on the inside and flows through his feet, with his or her mind in your fingertips.


With feedback from horses and students in person and through virtual coaching in several countries since 2015, we together mine, refine, define and structure how to get good at this step by step, with the detail you need to do it yourself.

The trail has been cleared and carefully mapped out for you! Now you need a little time (less than you think) and focus to resolve partnership connection glitches – even if you’ve been stuck for a long time – so you can enjoy getting into flow with your horse, and explore that deeper place of partnership we seek.

And it's much more fun when we are in this together x.